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Side Homes

Side Homes Team with more then 15 years real estate experience in Side. Offices and representatives in Germany, Turkey and Russia. Excellent partnerships with the largest Europian Travel Companies. We give an exclusive service to each customer. We have a lot of loyal, regular customers.

Why Side Homes?

Experience and professionalism?

Our 15 years experience in the real estate business in Side proves that you can rely on our professionalism.

Guarantees and reliability?

This can be confirmed by our customers from around the world with their positive reviews.

Availability and mutual understanding?

Our offices in Germany and Turkey, together with representatives in Russia and Ukraine give us an ideal opportunity to communicate with each client in his native language.

Exclusive features?

Agreement with the largest developers and property owners give us the opportunity to negotiate better prices and conditions for you on any real estate project.

Legitimacy and confidence?

Only our complete knowledge of all the laws, procedures and nuances together with all documentation can ensure the reliability and protection of your interests at all stages of the transaction.

Service and assistance?

Our fluent English speaking consultants will be happy to assist you in all matters related to the buying and ownership of real estate in Turkey.

Rental guarantee?

We know how to rent out your property so you will gain the maximum profit.

Administration and management of your property in your absence?

We offer a full after-sales service package to solve any problems which may arise.

Repair and construction service?

With extensive experience in property management and permanent partners among the contracting companies, we can repair your property to the highest standards.

General support?

Our Side office is available for any assistance you and your guests may require, including the provision of legal aid,Turkish resident permit and many other requests or queries.


Fatih Çalışkan

Founder and CEO of Side Homes since 2002.

Fatih is very involved in every aspect of the operations of the company. He personally finalizes bid numbers, oversees weekly staff meetings, handles negotiations, monitors client satisfaction and determines the management team. With even the most daunting of tasks, he has the ability to see them as challenges.

Fatih has the vision to be the uncontested best in the industry. His goals are clear and he has a way of motivating staff to become a part of this movement.

Fatih is fluent in Turkish and German. Real estate consultant with real estate broker license by the State.



Katrin Balzhi

Co-founder / Sales manager

Katrin brings over 10 years of experience in sales and 4 years of experience in sales management to Side Homes. She is also responsible for the day-to-day operations, corporate marketing initiatives including go-to-market strategies, brand awareness, communications, service marketing, lead generation, and customer marketing.

Katrin work alongside our clients every step of the way—caring more, telling it like it is—to anticipate and overcome all the barriers to change.

Katrin is fluent in Russian, English and Turkish. Real estate consultant with real estate broker license by the State.



Mehmet Benzin

Property Management

Mehmet’s responsibility is to provide our clients with management solutions that help their properties operate smoothly, increase in desirability and enhance investment value.

Mehmet oversees numerous properties, working with owners, tenants, and vendors in a successful business relationship. Along with this he assists in Repair Coordination and customer services. With his attention to detail and consistent, professional demeanor, he has proven to be one of our finest assets.

Mehmet is fluent in English, German and Turkish.



Ahmet Güneş

Construction Management

Ahmet well known about all standard building codes and familiar with the latest construction practices, including environmentally friendly design and building. He is responsible for reconstruction, handyman & repair service organization and control.

With over 5 years experience, he manages ongoing client relationships and cultivates new opportunities that compliment Side Homes’ portfolio.

Ahmet is fluent in Turkish and English.