Dear HomeOwners!
One more important information about Holiday Rental System in Turkey!
Since 9 of June 2017 all rental cost payments between renters and owners / representative agents should be done only to the turkish bank accounts! Any payments in cash, or payments to foreign bank accounts are not possible.

Turkey has recently announced changes for a further update to the legislation which requires any property used for short term or temporary rentals to have a license from the Municipal Council. In the past you could choose whether to register or not, however it is now mandatory to register the visitors via the GIYKIMBIL system (Gecic Yerlesim Kimlik Bildirim Sistemi – this is a central database the police and government have access to, that records all hosting services including guest information).

For anyone who has been renting their property in Turkey since 2012, you may remember when the laws affecting non Turkish citizens were first imposed; meaning short term property lets had to be established as a company. Please contact us for further information.