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Sales Management

SIDE HOMES - Real Estate Agent for people who rely primarily on expertise, experience and honesty. We offer to our customers knowledge of all laws and procedures, competent registration documents and quality after-sales service.
First of all, we are a Real Estate Agency with full knowledge of the market and the situation in Side. This is very important. What can we offer to our future client?
We can give a better selection of property at the best price. This will satisfy both requirements and conditions. It will give a partner who will be able to professionally manage the property and solve any problems including maintenance and servicing.
Having 15 years experience of the Real Estate market in the Side region, we know each builder, the quality of their projects, construction, reliability and their after-sales attitude. That's why we do not work, and will not work with unreliable partners. Our main target is to protect our future clients, the value of the real estate property and our reputation. Our word is our bond.
All properties are checked by us personally!
Sales services are carried out on exclusive rights. The agency fee is charged AFTER the end of the sale transaction procedure. Side Homes guarantee the absence of hidden fees.
- Sales Management service by Side Homes includes managing the promotion and advertising of the property, organizing viewing tours to potential buyers, organizing and ensuring the sale and purchase procedure at all stages;
- Making changes to the Certificate of Ownership (TAPU) when altering the name / surname;
- Renewal of property ownership (TAPU) for family members;
- Translation of documents into Turkish;
- Support registration of notarized powers of attorney;
- Consultations.


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