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Our yearly management agreement includes the following services:

Key Holding Service – We require two sets of keys to your property which will be kept in our safe. Only the company staff have access to it. We can make them available to contractors with your permission (email) or to your guests on demand. We must insist that only ourselves have any copies of your keys. This is for security reasons and to cover ourselves. If anybody else is found to also be a key holder for your property we will immediately contact the owner to ask why and if you insist that the other person or company keeps keys we will terminate our contract with you immediately. This is standard business practice where key holding is concerned.

Regular Inspections and Security Checks of the Property – We will make regular inspections of your property inside and out to check for any damage. We will check the property for security issues, state of repair, including any damp issues inside and out especially in the winter period. We will check the electricity supply, all plumbing including toilets and taps to make sure there are no leaks. Check for any evidence of vermin or pests. Photographs will be taken and sent to you if any issues arise.

Arrange Builders/Contractors when Required – We will send an email with photographs of any damage or repairs that require attention plus a quote from our builder to fix the problem. Further quotes can be obtained if required. On your approval and funds arriving in our bank account we will arrange for the work to go ahead and send you regular email updates with pictures.

Arrange gas and Water Bottles if Required – On your request and before your arrival we can arrange to have gas and water bottles delivered to your property.

Air the Property – On our regular visits to the property we will air all rooms to help minimise damp/mould problems. We will also flush all the toilets and run all taps so no stagnant water is building up creating unwanted smells.

Mail Collection – We will collect any mail that has been sent to your property. We can forward it on to you if required or with your permission open it, scan the document and send it to you via email.

Arrange all Insurances – We have a very good relationship with a number of local insurance companies. We can arrange all the insurance you require, including mandatory earthquake insurance and household contents.

Bill and Tax Payments – Utility bills and Council taxes. For this service we will require a float on your account of 100 € – 200 €.

Cleaning service and Airport transfer if requested according price list.


We are offering different packs of services:

Pack 1. Property management – 400 euro + 18% VAT per year.
For the owners who are coming by themselves only few times in a year.
Include full property management service.

Pack 2. Rental + property management service – 600 € + 18% VAT per year.
For the property owners who will rent out their property via Side Homes.
Full property management, check-in and check-out service, registration of every tenant. Click to learn more about rental management.